Thursday, May 20, 2010

Minute for Mission

This Sunday I gave the minute for mission in my home church, The Brick Presbyterian Church. Following the service I hosted a table at coffee hour for members and friends to learn more about my year of service in Kenya. I was thrilled with the amount of support in all forms I received on Sunday. Though it is humbling to ask friends, family and congregation members for financial gifts, it feels wonderful to have such a great amount of support already.

I gave my minute for mission on Youth Sunday- a worship service wholly produced by the 8th grade confirmation class. The confirmation class this year did an amazing job, I was impressed by all that they did and how well-spoken they all were. Eight years ago I participated in the same Youth Sunday so giving my minute for mission on Youth Sunday was a great experience and really enjoyable to be in my home church again.

I want to thank all the people who supported me on Sunday through their interest in my year of service in Kenya, prayers, and financial gifts. I truly appreciate all of it ~ Thank you!

Here is a copy of my minute for mission:
Grace Lindvall
Minute for Mission

Eight years ago, I participated in this Youth Sunday as a part of my confirmation into the Brick Church. I was one of the preachers that day, and on this Sunday I come as a Brick member who has continued to grow in her faith. I am proud and excited to share with you the next part of my faith journey that I will begin this August.
This March the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) offered me an amazing opportunity to serve as a Young Adult Volunteer in Kenya. The Young Adult Volunteer program is a part of the Presbyterian Church’s general mission council that sends over 70 young adults across the nation and across the world to serve communities in need. I will leave on my journey to Kenya at the end of the summer with 5 other young adult volunteers.
Though I have not yet learned of my specific placement while I am in Kenya I can mention some of the opportunities I may have and some of the other ways I will be serving while in Kenya.
Former YAVs have served as teachers in schools on the Eastern Coast of Kenya, worked in ecumenical organizations across the country, worked for Church world service, and worked with NGOs in Nairobi. I am looking forward to hearing of my placement in Kenya and am anxious to begin work at my placement.
Another important part. of the Young Adult Volunteer program is for me to immerse myself in the culture of Kenya. I hope to better understand the needs of the people we are serving. YAVs learn to combine their mission as ‘being’ and as ‘doing.’ The juxtaposition of these two things will be an important aspect of my mission in Kenya. I look forward to learning and experiencing Kenyan, culture and people and I look forward to the new challenges this will bring to me in my faith, strength, and character.
I ask you today for your support of my journey in three ways
1. your prayers- Please pray for me and the people with me in Kenya
2. your interest in my travels- I will send updates via newsletters, emails, and blogs I would love and appreciate your support and partnership with me in my year of service to Kenya
3. Your financial gifts- I need to raise $9,000 for my journey to Kenya and I would appreciate any gifts.
I will be downstairs at Coffee Hour selling shares for my trip to Kenya and talking about the experience I will have in Kenya, please consider supporting me and come learn more about my year of service in Kenya at coffee hour.

Thank you, and congratulations to the confirmation class, I look forward to hearing about all you do.