Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kenya Family- "And then God said 'TIGER get DOWN!'"

After a more than exciting journey to Nairobi- the family has arrived safely!

Our flight to Kenya left Newark, NJ at 5:30p to allow enough time to get to the airport the family (with honorary member John) left Stony Point, NY at 2:30. We shoved our bags into the trunk and tied them to the top of our car for 45 minutes and finally headed out to Newark, leaving behind many wonderful friends. Upon arrival at Newark 3 family members (myself, Ellen and Michael)learned that our flights did not exist or had been canceled. With little/no help from the Continental agent we found our tickets and began the light jog that turned into a run to gate 96. I enjoyed my 8 hour flight to Amsterdam alongside Michael and fortunately in the front row of the plane, allowing fr extra leg room.

Amsterdam!!! Ahh, Amsterdam! Amsterdam must have the kindest people I have ever met. The 3 hours I spent at the airport in Amsterdam were lovely, every person I spoke to was polite and kind.

8 hours later...Nairobi!

The family arrived in Nairobi late Tuesday evening and had a relatively easy exchange through customs, immigration and baggage claim (note: Ben collected an Australian man's luggage :( ) We found a nice taxi driver named Chris holding a sign for "YAV" and followed him to his van where we packed our things into another van and headed off for another adventure. As we left the airport Chris turned to us to ask "where to?" The 6 of us chuckled knowing that we didn't have a clue where we were headed. We called Phyllis who was waiting for us at the airport!!!?! A warm welcome I guess one could say, when two people come to collect you at the airport.

The family is all together and navigating our way through Nairobi, eager to begin homestays tomorrow and looking forward to the exciting adventure of Orientatioin Phyllis has planned for us!

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  1. Glad you made it safely! Eager to read more updates as your journey unfolds. In the meantime, you remain in our prayers.

    PS aren't the Dutch wonderful! :)